Sometimes even Salesforce doesn’t have the functionality you desire. However, it does provide the perfect platform for developers like ourselves to create that functionality. Make your Salesforce Org limitless with custom-built solutions tailored specifically for your needs.

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Modelling The Requirements and Solutions

What functionality would you like to see? How can we create a solution in a reasonable time-frame? What departments and processes would this solution affect? We sit down with you and develop a plan that leaves no uncertainty about extending the existing functionality of your Org. By setting a timeline for implementation and training, along with mapping out the interactions a new solution would have with your Org, we provide a road-map for every step from conception to deployment to support.

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Connecting You To AppExchange

The Salesforce AppExchange is a rich community where developers such as ourselves share extensions for the Salesforce platform. If a previously built solution with exceptional standing in the community can solve your needs, we will have no problem helping you add this extension to your environment. Furthermore, we can perform the testing required to ensure this new addition fits well with your organization.

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Declarative and Programmatic Solutions

Couldn’t find a pre-built solution to your requirement? We can use the various automation tools like Process Builder and Lightning Flow, along with Apex code, to design a custom solution for you. Let us expand your usage of Salesforce and provide a solution specifically tailored to your needs. Any extension we provide is rigorously tested in a sandbox environment replicating your production environment in order to guarantee seamless integration. Furthermore, we can easily provide user-acceptance testing environments so your team can familiarize themselves with the new additions before they are deployed.

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