Salesforce Lightning Experience was launched in 2015, and ever since then support and updates for Classic have been far and in between. Whether it is an interest to take advantage of the new features Lightning offers, or security in knowing that your Org will be supported for the years to come, we can make this transition an easy one.

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Redesign your Salesforce Org in the new Lightning Experience

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Assessing Your Organization

We sit down with you to get a thorough understanding of how your organization and Salesforce interacts, and to develop a plan tailored to your needs. By communicating with the people in your organization, we can determine what their essential needs are, how they interact with the other departments, and what they require from a user interface. With mock-ups of the new user-interfaces, detailed lists of the readiness of each component to switch, and dependency graphs that link components together, your organization and ours can design an informed road-map for Lightning migration.

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Building Your Lightning Experience

Now we get to work! By using the newest declarative features that Salesforce offers, along with our own custom coding solutions if necessary, we begin adapting the business logic and interfaces your company relies on into the new Lightning Experience. The development and testing of each component is tracked in order to allow you to follow its progress. As we approach the final stages of development, we create test environments which closely recreate the working environment of your company. With these environments, we can sit down with the people of your organization and give them a better understanding of the new interface, while also taking any late adjustments they may request.

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Training and Support

Our commitment doesn’t end once your migration is over. We ensure user acceptance by assisting with training for the various departments of your organization. We provide live demos, individual training sessions, and post deployment adjustments to make Lightning migration smooth for everyone. Furthermore, we offer technical support that can cover any questions or requests you may have.

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