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About Us

Established in 2010, Blue Lattice Inc. recognized the importance of a Customer Relationship Management platform for modernizing the sales process. Even over a decade ago, we noticed the authority that Salesforce had over its competitors. So we got to work, immersing ourselves in the latest Salesforce offerings and the communities of passionate professionals using them. When it came to our clients, we used our knowledge to fulfill their needs, along with their budgets and time constraints, using the platform we specialized in. Our goal is to continue providing this expertise to as many Canadian companies as we can, and have them as enthusiastic about Salesforce as we are!

What We Offer

As Salesforce Consultants, we offer seamless integration and expansion of Salesforce products into your integral sales process. Our team of Salesforce certified professionals takes the time to listen to your issues, identify solutions, and map out a plan for implementation. We provide a timeline for each project, with your feedback guiding each step. We provide training for your team, and offer continued support on-site or by telephone, email and screen-sharing. This results in a smooth expansion of your operation, with a more knowledgeable staff benefiting from a more powerful sales process.

Our Leadership

Richard Weinstock, CEO

Richard has a background in computer engineering with a specialization in networking and telecommunications. He previously worked for several technology firms managing data centres and online transaction processing systems. More recently, Richard acquired a degree in management and has been consulting for businesses in various areas of information technology. In 2010 Richard started working on a Salesforce project for a client. Ever since, he has devoted his time to assisting Canadian companies with their Salesforce needs.


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