Pardot is the next step in marketing automation. Pardot works by tracking interactions with your marketing material (banner ad clicks, website visits, etc.) and nurturing those visitors into leads that can be given to your sales representatives. This results in your representatives spending less time working on dead-end leads, and more time on leads that have already expressed interest. Find out how we can setup the Pardot platform and work with you to determine what automation should be done prior to a sales representative receiving a lead.

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Benefiting From A More Refined Sales Funnel

Every form filled, ad clicked, and email sent is a prospect for a sale. However, not every form filled, ad clicks and email sent is guaranteed to be a sale. Pardot’s strength is through its Engagement Studio, where you can map out actions to perform and scores to assign based on the path of a lead. Want a different process for someone coming in from an ad-click as opposed to a form? Wish to assign a sales representative to a prospect if they respond to an email within 3 days, and send a follow-up email if they don’t respond? Should a lead be scored higher if they completely fill out a form as opposed to only putting the required information? We sit down with you to map out your lead generation process and to develop a scoring system which will ensure your sales representatives are only assigned the most flushed-out leads with the highest probability of making a sale.

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Unlocking The Tools For Better Lead Generation

Need to create specialized mailing lists, create static lists from desired prospects, or have Pardot manage dynamic lists? These dynamic lists can add prospects automatically based on their last activity date, related opportunity, channel of entry, and other factors. Why create a mailing list and not create an email template at the same time? With Pardot, we can create professional email templates with ease, ensuring that your visitors receive emails tailored towards their wants. Need to create a custom form for your website? Pardot creates custom forms for your website that are directly linked to data fields in Salesforce.  We utilize these functionalities to maximize your company’s marketing outreach.

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Tracking Campaigns And Leads

Wishing to track the success of your different advertisement campaigns? By using Pardot Campaigns, you associate leads with the different banner ads, redirect links, and online advertisements that brought them in. This provides an overview of how successful an advertisement campaign is. Keep track of how well your Twitter posts are doing, if your Instagram feed is bringing in successful leads, and whether your emails are having an impact all from one platform. Furthermore, you can follow each prospect’s activities, the information you gather on them, and how close their score is to the level you set to assign them to a sales representative. We set up these tracking tools to help you get a complete overview of your various marketing strategies.

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