The essential CRM service that put Salesforce on the map is more prevalent than ever. Sales Cloud is web and mobile application that allows businesses to nurture leads from first call to final sale and beyond. By centralizing customer, employee, and resource information online, defining different user interfaces and accessibility for each position in your organization, and automating sales processes, Sales Cloud can reduce the amount of lost opportunities in your day to day operations.

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Structure Your Company Online

There are so many different components that make up your operation. Your team isn’t solely comprised of sales people. Your organization may contain operations officers, customer service representatives, managers, compliance officers, and a number of other, crucial roles that are part of the sales process in one way or another. Each of these roles expect their own, specialized interface and are privy to their own division of both information and responsibility.

Allow us to recreate this diversity online. We structure a different profile for each role in your organization. Each of these profiles are provided different access to company information, and different permissions based on your own compliance schemes. Each of these profiles can also be given their own user-interfaces, allowing you to optimize their daily functions. 

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Monitor Your Operation and Ensure Compliance

Lead generation and sales are only as appreciated as they are noticed. Sales Cloud provides an intuitive Report Builder, which can create professional reports using internal company data. Whether you are trying to display the revenue per salesperson, or the total lifetime value per customer, the Report Builder can do it. We use these tools to create the most functional reports that your managers and officers require to monitor your operation.

Need help ensuring compliance when it comes to employees entering data? We have a range of solutions for you. We can set up tools like Validation Rules and Apex Triggers which allow record creation, changes, and deletions based on your own criteria. Using Duplicate Rules, we can limit the amount of clutter among your leads, accounts, contacts, and other records. We help structure the most user-compliant system for your company.

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Automate From Start To Finish

Sales should be made even when you aren’t on the phone with a client. We can utilize the many, automated Sales Cloud tools to ensure your company is never hitting the brakes. Need a manager to approve a proposal before sending it out to a prospective client? We can set up automated Approvals on record changes. Wish to have Sales Cloud change records based on an external events? The Platform Event tool allows Sales Cloud to respond automatically to an event on another platform. We can set up Sales Cloud to perform callouts to other systems. Automate record creation, changes and deletion with Processes, Flows, and Workflow Rules. We can even integrate your company website to create and edit records directly. With Sales Cloud, your staff can spend more time doing the work they are passionate about.

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